Welcome to J J College, Jhumri Telaiya

Jagannath Jain College, a co-educational degree college was established in March 1960 by some eminent personalities interested in the social and educational development of the backward region of koderma and its adjoining areas. An enlightened person, Late Jagannath Jain of Jhumri Telaiya was the biggest contributor in the establishment of the college.It consists of 17.11 acres of land and is at a distance read more



1. Chairman            Principal
2. Nodel Officer     Prof. Satish Kumar Yadav
3. Members     Dr. J.P.Singh
Dr. Surendra Sahu
Dr. V.K.Singh
Dr. R.k.Sinha
Dr. Nikahat Praween
Miss Sangeeta barla


1. Chairman      Principal
2. Coordinator    Dr. J.P.Singh
3. University Representative    Dr. S.K.Agarwal, CCDC,VBU
4. Representative of Local Society     Sri Suresh Jain
5. Members   Dr. V.K.Singh
Dr. Dwarika Prasad
Dr. Surendra Sahu
Dr. R.K.Sinha
Prof. S.K.Yadav
Dr. Nikahat Praveen
Miss Sangeeta Barla
Sri Ashok Abhishek,SRAVAN SAHAY


Chairman Principal
Nodal Officer Prof. S.K.yadav


H.R.D. Schemes
Renovation of Science lab & Modernisation of Library