Welcome to J J College, Jhumri Telaiya

Jagannath Jain College, a co-educational degree college was established in March 1960 by some eminent personalities interested in the social and educational development of the backward region of koderma and its adjoining areas. An enlightened person, Late Jagannath Jain of Jhumri Telaiya was the biggest contributor in the establishment of the college.It consists of 17.11 acres of land and is at a distance read more

SESSION-2015-17 (Second Semester)
Day Period → 1st 2nd  3rd Lunch 4th  5th 
Time→ 09:30:09:45 09:45-10:45 10:45-11:45 11:45-12:45 12:45-01:30 01:30-02:30 02:30-03:30
Monday Assembly A TC-201 (S.A.) TC-204 (A.A.) TC-203 (Group-I) &Library Lunch TC-203(Group-II) & Library TUTORIAL - TC-201 -S.A. TC-202 -V.K.TC-204 -S.Aw. TC-205 -R.K.
B TC-201 (R.K.) TC-204 (S.Aw.)
Tuesday A TC-202 (V.K.) TC-201 (S.A.) TC-204 (A.A.) TC-203(Group-III) & Library TUTORIAL -TC-203 (All Teachers)
B TC-204 (S.AW.) TC-201 (R.K.) TC-202 (V.K.)
Wednesday A TC-201(S.A.) TC-204 (A.A.) TC-202 (V.K.) TC-203(Group-II)& Library TUTORIAL -TC-201 -R.K. TC-204 -A.A. 
B TC-202 (V.K.) TC-204 (S.Aw.) TC-201 (R.K.0
Thursday A TC-201 (R.K.) TC-204 (S.Aw.) TC-203 (Group-I) &Library TC-203 (Group-III)& Library P-205(M.J.)
B TC-204 (A.A.) TC-201 (S.A.)
Friday A TC-202 (V.K.) TC-204 (S.Aw.) TC-201 (R.K.) P-205 (M.J.) TC-203 (Group-I)& Library
B TC-204 (A.A.) TC-201 (S.A.) TC-202 (V.K.)
Saturday A TC-204 (S.Aw.) TC-201 (R.K.) TC-203 (Group-III)&Library TC-203 (Group-II)& Library P-205(M.J.)
B TC-201 (S.A.) TC-204 (A.A.)
Faculty Members :- Pedagogy Subject Pedagogy Subject Group
Sri  Ashok Abhishek (A.A.) Eng. Civics,Snk  & Eco Gr.-I - Snk, Soc. Sc. ,Bio.Sc, Comm & Maths
Dr. Shamshad Alam (S.A.) Urdu, Soc.Sci  & Geog. Gr.-II- Eng, Geog, Hindi & Phy.Sc.
Dr. Veena Kumari (V.K.) His, Hindi  &Comm. Gr.-III- Eco, Urdu , His. & Maths
Miss Rashmi Kumari (R.K) Bio.Sc 
Miss Shalini  Awadhiya (S.Aw.) Phy.Sc.&  Maths
Md. Julfikar (M.J.)
Note:- Classes of language lab & Coputer lab should be arranged when it needed during the teaching of pedagogy subjects.
D.A. H.O.D.(In-Charge) Principal